Issue: 2011-04-21


Crystal Cruises

Several weeks ago, I had the happy opportunity to explore a significant portion of the range of Gary Monk Estate wines. A friend of mine who helps organize the annual Rotary Club Wine Festival represents the Gray Monk Estate Winery, and invited me... Read more


As we get closer to the time when Dawson sees an influx of summer workers, I thought I would take this week to reflect on the glory that was Tent City. To begin with, there has been a summer housing crunch in Dawson from at least the 1970s on. Read more

Dawson City

Just in time for spring, the Guild brings us Into the Woods. Thank you. It's a refreshing, colourful splash after a long, cold winter. Read more

Yukon Arts

When most of their yard is exposed, the barn will be deserted as they venture out to see what new sprouts or bugs they can find. This is when all we need to do is close the door between their area and the rest of the barn. Read more

Farm - Garden

"I [Brian Brett] had that 'click' that feminists talk about, where you just suddenly realize the world is different. And so I just started writing poems immediately from that day." Read more


Wyk Parish is a self-described "code monkey" who works for a company called Video Design Software, writing the computer programs behind many of the special effects we take for granted on high-profile TV channels. Read more

Yukon Local Business

Most Yukoners love the microcosm of moss and little alpine plants that contrasts with our grand vistas. The snow has not yet melted from that rich soft fabric. Lyn Fabio's verdant veerings gives us a preview. Read more

Yukon Arts

A close look at goths who ride Winnipeg buses, an animation about Yukon sledding, and films about climate change will appear among more than 100 short films that will screen in Dawson City from April 21 to 24 Read more

Photography - Film

So what's Dean Eyre doing here? He's taking the job of finding the right bikes for people really seriously – and having fun doing it. Eyre is the owner of Cadence Cycle at 508 Wood Street, in the centre of downtown Whitehorse. Yes, it used to be Ph Read more

Yukon Local Business