Issue: 2011-04-28

There are strange things done in the land of the midnight sun. Captain Dick ended Read more

Old Crow

I went Saturday night to The River, a Nakai production, with Michael Greyeyes directing a play written by David Skelton, Judith Rudakoff and Joseph Tisiga. Read more

Theatre - Dance

The year is 1985. A young Anthony sits crossed-legged in front of the television. The flickering images flashing across his eyes barely register in his stunned mind. Leonard Maltin just gave Ghostbusters a bad review. Read more


Kenneth T. Williams had never heard of his distant cousin, Lillian Dyck, until 1999, when he was asked to suggest names of suitable Saskatchewan candidates for the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation's Lifetime Achievement award ... Read more

Theatre - Dance

Like mushrooms after rain, interesting mini-discussions pop up spontaneously from time to time on the ArtsNet list serve. A recent one that caught my eye concerned the age-old topic of arts reviews/critiques: what are they, what purpose.... Read more

Arts & Culture Events

You don't need to be creative to be fashionable. You just need to get inspired. The inspiration can come from anywhere, anyone, or anything. Read more

Yukon Arts

Many Yukon book-lovers are familiar with Claire Eamer's science series for children, Super Crocs and Monster Wings, Spike Scorpions and Walking Whales, and the latest Lizards in the Sky. Read more


That's quite true. I noticed the colours, particularly in the outport villages, when I visited there in 1980. Read more

Dawson City

While I grew up on a farm, it wasn't until after I started farming as an adult that I realized how many phrases in our everyday language have their roots in farming. Read more

Farm - Garden

Delight your friends and family with a couple of beer-themed tidbits this week, or just look incredibly smart while getting your growler filled. The world's oldest recipe? Yeah, it's for beer. Despite popular opinion, Guinness in not a meal in a... Read more


Over the past few minutes, 67 members of the Whitehorse Community Choir have arrived at the Whitehorse United Church ... Microphone in hand, Barbara Chamberlin calls out, "OK, let's stand up. Let's stand up. Let's have a massage." Read more

Yukon Music

For many amateur astronomers, the passion for deep space observing ultimately leads them to photography and imaging of the night sky. It is a good thing to come home with pictures of your late night observing sessions, sharing with others what you... Read more