Issue: 2011-05-05


Crystal Cruises

I was asked by some friends to participate in "An evening of Art, Wine and too much fun" presented by The Artist Relief Fund Society, and I was delighted to get involved. The Canvas Confidential event will be held on Saturday May 14 at the Old... Read more


This is the time of year when you find people looking at the river and wondering – when? There are different "whens", of course. I happened across some gentlemen at a table just past the Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre a day or so ago. It was a beautifu Read more

Dawson City


APTN broadcasts a wide variety of Hollywood films, with features four nights per week and additional matinees on weekends. A lot of viewers wonder how we choose our films. If APTN is an Aboriginal network, what does that have to do with Read more

Yukon Culture

A quarter million sandhill cranes! When, anywhere in this territory, do we have the opportunity to see a quarter million anything? Caribou? Nope. People? Not even close. Trees? Well, probably, but trees aren't typically very active; they don't... Read more

Yukon Wildlife

The Prince of Wales had his supper served on it. It's on dining tables and in display cabinets around the world. It's uniquely Yukon, but pays homage to traditional Japanese design. Now, the fireweed pottery that is Patrick Royle's signature is ... Read more

Yukon Arts & Entertainment

Readers of Hayes' first book, Wolves of the Yukon, will spot the influence of Jack London, Robert Service and Pierre Berton. And like Alaska author James Michener, Wolves starts at the height of the Pleistocene and ends on the brink of the wolf's mod Read more


I am so jealous. I just picked my guy up from the airport, back from a two-day Superbike school in California. And he was just one of four Yukon guys who got off the plane with racing track prints on their retinas. Read more

Yukon Summer