Issue: 2011-05-12

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who made the festival a hit: Trisha Sims at Skagway Development Corporation, White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad, the good folk at the Elks, Katherine Nelson and a slew of volunteers at the Skagway Recreation Read more


A cookbook doesn't have to be written by Jamie Oliver or Julia Child to become a favourite in someone's kitchen. Often the recipes that get used again and again come from a friend or family member. Read more

Yukoners Pets

The month of May brings warm weather observing - parka not required - a pleasant change of pace. It still gets frosty, though. Last weekend at the observing site (Grey Mountain LookoutPoint) the temperature dropped to minus 6 Celsius. It was... Read more


I discovered Google Earth a few years ago. Our son was spending the winter in Fort Nelson and we figured out that Google Earth would allow us to zoom in on the street where he was ... Read more

Dawson City

Being an artist resembles performing a highwire act in a circus. It requires balance, skill, hope, risk and commitment, as well as lots and lots of practice. It also helps if there's a net beneath you in case the unthinkable happens and you fall. Read more

Yukon Arts

Passion and excitement practically explode over the phone as I speak with Veronica Huggard. Huggard is one of five young people chosen to represent Yukon at the Northern Forum's Youth Eco Forum in Anchorage, Alaska from May 1-8. "There is so much... Read more

Yukon Outside

When Betty Beemer needs a health pamphlet written, she turns to Vaughn Fischer, a freelancer whose career is going nowhere. But Vaughn quickly becomes obsessed with turning a simple tract on syphilis into a masterpiece. Read more

Theatre - Dance