Issue: 2011-05-26

As you may have noticed already, Whitehorse has some new beer in town. Our friendly neighbours at Yukon Liquor Corp have sourced four offerings from Russell Brewing Company: Blood Alley Bitter, Black Death Porter, Main Street Pilsner, and Wee... Read more


Warmer temperatures motivate and promote amateur astronomy in this marvellous northern land in which we live. For example, my favourite in-town observing site is the Miles Canyon Lookout Point. This remarkable observing site is opened by the City... Read more


Margaret Thatcher. Genocide. Venereal disease. Personal betrayal. These are not the standard fare of romantic comedy. But in the deft hands of Whitehorse playwright Peter Jickling, they become wickedly funny ... Read more

Theatre - Dance

I got up early to get the sleep out of my eyes and the frog out of my throat in preparation for my first interview on behalf of What's Up Yukon. I would be talking with Susan Aglukark, who lives three time zones to the east. Read more

Yukon Music

Evie Allen's current show at the Chocolate Claim, Summer Bluescapes, is an ideal companion to the robust anticipation that accompanies the onset of summer in the Yukon. Read more

Yukon Arts

Why do you ride? I'm serious. I want to know. I want to hear from every woman who reads this column. I want to know why you ride. And if you are still riding on the back (or if you don't ride at all), I want to know why you are still NOT riding. Read more

Yukon Summer

For most students, summer school may be a drag. For Odessa Beatty and Sadie Segriff, though, it's a golden opportunity. Beatty and Segriff [shown on front cover with Montreal choreographer Julio Hong] have both been selected to attend summer classes Read more

Theatre - Dance