Issue: 2011-06-02

As I waved goodbye to my parents at the Whitehorse airport, I had no idea that within a little more than a year, I would be robbed in New Zealand, hospitalized in Thailand, and survive a tsunami in Hawaii, a volcanic eruption in Iceland and a massive Read more

Making A Difference!

Holy cow, it has a cork!" These were the exact words I exclaimed to a friend when I went to open a bottle of Australian Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve ($17.90) several weeks ago. If you're a wine drinker, you're probably familiar with... Read more


They're getting down and dirty in Dawson City – dirty actions of the gardening kind, that is. Dawson City Community Gardens, now in its third year of existence, is alive and thriving with more people joining every year. Read more


Living off the grid and without water has its challenges, but chopping wood and carrying water beats going to the gym. On this day we were out of water and had to drive to Carcross to fill up the blue water jugs. Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

Geese On Patrol

Joan Norberg

Harvest is busy, too. You're racing the frosts and fall rains to get everything in without losing anything. And everything harvested needs to be processed in some way, so that the harvest is stored for the winter. Read more

Farm - Garden

Now that the snow is completely gone, it's a little bit depressing to see how much garbage it was hiding. Read more

Dawson City

By the time you read this, The Rapture might have just happened. It was floating around the internets recently – a fundamentalist Christian group in the States (oh, really?) declared that May 21 would be the date that God calls in all markers... Read more



Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) is set to stage its annual celebration of National Aboriginal Day in Canada. This year's fifth anniversary event will be shining bigger, brighter and better than ever. Read more

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