Issue: 2011-06-23

Accessible by a narrow, graffiti-covered staircase - and with a tattoo studio just off the display area - Gallery 22 is a small, one-room space with an artsy, underground vibe. It's an eccentric showroom for both established and emerging local artist Read more

Yukon Arts

William Simpson

Rick Massie

"I barely knew there was such an award. There's too much being made of this. It should be a joint award with my wife. It's not a one-person award," he says. Read more

Yukon History

So this week, Beer Cache is brewing a Marzen. Märzenbier is the beer style that is served at Oktoberfest in Germany. It's usually begun in March (hence the name) and cold fermented - lagered - all summer, traditionally in ice-packed caves... Read more


Every few years it needs to be done. The boards rot away; the ground moves beneath them; and a year after they were last replaced what was straight and even has become a bit of a roller coaster. Read more

Dawson City

Everything in nature has a purpose. The purpose of the Noble Mosquito [Culiseta longiareolata] is to keep our campsites from becoming overcrowded. Read more

Yukon Summer

The warm weather a few weeks ago had us itching to plan a little motorcycle trip for our first free weekend in months. As it happened, that same weekend was the season opening for the Destruction Bay Lodge. The owner, ever a busy host, brought in a Read more

Haines Junction