Issue: 2011-07-07

The departure of yet another Berton House writer, Jeanne Randolph, brought to my mind the number of writers in residence who have come and gone – and come again over the last few years... Read more

Dawson City

Canoeing to the DCMF? You are probably already concerned about the rattling of beer bottles in your canoe (to be safely consumed, of course, by your campfire and not while out on the water). We hear your pain. Read more


There are moments in life when you suddenly realize that you are heading for disaster and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Some people have experienced this sensation once or twice. Some, like me, have experienced it more times... Read more

Yukon Active

Denny Kobayashi laughs when he recalls one of the best lines he has heard in his career as an umpire. It came from a local coach who approached him during a break between innings. "Blue, can I get thrown out of the game for what I'm thinking?" Read more

Yukon People