Issue: 2011-08-25

One of the delights of wine is that there are always surprises to be found and bargains to be enjoyed, if you are open to trying new things or going off the beaten path. I thought I had a pretty good handle on the Yukon Liquor Corp selection until... Read more


Eric Allen keeps his hand close to the supporting foot of a young climber as he coaches the six-year-old through his first successful climbing problem during the 8th Annual Ibex Valley Bouldering Festival. The bouldering festival is one piece in... Read more

Yukon Active

The force has held a number of special events and anniversary celebrations in Dawson in the past, but this one, organized to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Lost Patrol of 1910-11, is a more solemn occasion than most. Read more

Dawson City

That's right, I am moving on to different pastures (not necessarily greener). So for my final article I thought I would showcase someone in Whitehorse who clued me into fashion the most and showed me the way to fashion glory. Read more

Yukon Arts

Yukon Arts

It's not always easy for a 19-year-old to decide what to do next; especially a 19-year-old like Graham Rudge. Should an award-winning year at art school be followed by a mechanical engineering degree, or a stint at circus school? Read more

Theatre - Dance

Recently, there's been talk in the media concerning an online petition asking the Sesame Street producers to let Ernie and Bert marry each other. Apparently a few hundred quixotic slacktivists agreed, and "signed" this online petition. Read more


I've always had trouble when it came to focusing on a particular passion in my life. Anyone who knows me would likely say that I am constantly pursuing my passions. That's the point: it is passions, plural, and they are changing all the time. I neve Read more

Yukon History