Issue: 2011-10-06

This is the first column in a monthly series in which Jim Kenyon will answer readers' questions about animals and animal care. Read more

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A recent article on the consumption of Italian wine pointed out that, for the first time, the value of Italian wines exported was greater than the value of that consumed by Italians at home. In 2010, Italy exported 3.93 billion euros ($5.3 billion... Read more


Before meeting Kuppels, Isaak had never heard of Redemption Guitars ( "There's so many small luthiers around, you can't keep track of everything. Now that I've played them, I love them. They're great guitars." Read more

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Many of us watch shows like America's Funniest Videos and laugh when people are tripping, slipping and falling all over the place. Though this is certainly entertaining, in real life, falls are no laughing matter. For people of any age, falls can ha Read more

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