Issue: 2011-11-10

Kim Beggs, Jonathan Byrd and Corin Raymond were driving from Medicine Hat to Calgary when I spoke with them about their current musical tour. But their eyes were cast on the Yukon. Read more

Yukon Music

When Lynne Cavanagh landed in Whitehorse as the new executive director of Music Yukon, she hit the ground running. Read more

Yukon Music

Backpackers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your shame. I've been a regular backpack wearer for only a year, since forsaking daily vehicle use in favour of shank's mare and public transit. Read more

Yukon Active

The Available Light Cinema series returns to the Yukon Arts Centre on Sunday, November 13 with a full day of film entertainment. Leading off at 2 p.m. is an all-time favourite that spawned a highly successful franchise of adventure films ... Read more

Theatre - Dance

For at least 4,000 years, wine drinkers have chosen food to accompany certain wines and vise versa. When I imagine trying a good wine, it is always in a setting around a table or gathered with friends, and food is always a part of the picture... Read more


Dawson City is famous for the Dawson City Music Festival, which covers a long weekend in July. However, if that's all we had happening here, the town could be considered musically impoverished. Read more

Dawson City

Winter has arrived and the weather is starting to stabilize. With clear skies and reasonably warm temperatures, it is time to grab your parka and head outside to explore those amazing Yukon night skies. So what is there to see, you ask? Read more


Andy Warhol once said, "Photographers feel guilty that all they do for a living is press a button." The digital era has made it possible for most everyone to take "good" pictures, so what sets fine art photographers apart from the rest? Read more

Photography - Film