Issue: 2011-11-17

November 17, 2011 Cover

November 17, 2011 What's Up Yukon Issue

"Lights Ipad Action"

When she saw the broccoli she was amazed. When she tasted it in a stir fry she said it was the best broccoli she had ever tasted, probably because after a frost the starches in vegetables start to turn to sugars. Read more

Farm - Garden

This ended de Repentigny's year-long search for a permanent place for this canoe, since it was kept at the Copper Moon Gallery under a shed roof. Read more

Yukon Arts


Issue: 2011-11-17

In the quarter century since the late Rob Harvey founded Yukon Engineering Services (YES), the company has had its hand in the majority of mining venture in Yukon and northern B.C. It's not hard to see why. Read more

Yukon Local Business

Without the historical record and extensive documentation, we might swear it is impossible for these people to exist. (After all, there's only so much a person can cram into one lifetime.) "Klondike" Joe Boyle is one of these legendary figures. Read more

Yukon History

Epstein expects "a really nice kind of collaboration" between the young Yukon performers and Northwest Territories rapper Godson, who performed in Whitehorse during the Canada Winter Games. "So that will cover kind of the urban North scene." Read more

When John Small started his expediting business, he was operating part-time from his home. His sole vehicle was an eight-year-old, two-wheel drive Yukon Government surplus half-ton he used for deliveries to the Minto mine site. Read more

Yukon Local Business

Rick Mombourquette, who manages Career Industries, speaks with pride about those boxes - and the workers who manufacture them. "We came up years ago with a superior product than they were using. They were routered trays in the old days ..." Read more

Yukon Careers

Publishing timelines sometimes just don't mesh with reality. Ten days ago I could have written three of these advance-notice style columns about the crowded schedule we're having this week (November 7 to 11). Read more

Dawson City

[Doug] Burgis is the training manager for Northern Safety Network Yukon (NSNY), and the building is the network's Safety and Mine Training Centre, which opened earlier this year. And the steel boxes? ... Read more

Yukon Education

When contemplating moving from Toronto to Dawson 14 months ago, I thought a lot about what I'd be giving up. What I didn't anticipate was all the "firsts" the move would bring. First time experiencing 24-hour daylight. First time sleeping in a wall Read more

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