Issue: 2012-02-09

We actually got our bronze medals stuck in the ice at the curling rink," admits Thomas Scoffin a little sheepishly. "After the medal ceremony we placed our medals on the Olympic rings painted into the ice to take a picture. They melted in and got... Read more

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It is really surprising how easy it is to forget that beets and swiss chard were developed from the same parent plant, or that cabbages, broccoli and rutabagas all share common foes with radishes and mustard. So I tend to clump similar plants Read more

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We are at the volunteer meeting for the Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race and everyone is waiting for me, as checkpoint manager, to tell them what they are in for. Of all the checkpoints in the race, Dawson City is the longest.... Read more

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The sun has been back for a couple of weeks now, and while it isn't quite hitting the streets (except for a bit on Front Street) it does turn the hills across the river golden by noon, and lights up the Moosehide Slide a little bit more each day. Read more

Dawson City

On Christmas Eve, 1900, the Monte Carlo Saloon in Dawson City was the place to be. Men from all over the world crowded the dancehall.... At the centre of it all was dancehall girl Kathleen Rockwell, "Klondike Kate." Read more

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The 19th century Norwegian playwright, Henrik Ibsen, is best known for the naturalistic dialogue and depth of character in such stage classics as Hedda Gabler, An Enemy of the People, The Wild Duck and A Doll's House. Read more

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Like most chefs, Gedas Pabritsa says it was his mother who inspired him to start cooking – but not for the usual reasons. "Being honest with you, she sort of did. Because I actually started cooking in self-defence," he says with a laugh. Read more

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Beer adulteration. It sounds dirty. But it's a way to make an otherwise pedestrian beer seem wildly exotic. So-so wine can be made into sangria. So-so beer can be mixed with clamato for a great hangover remedy and an inscrutable flavour combination. Read more


One Saturday, after holding nails while two Yukoners and an artist from Vancouver assembled a complicated woodshed art piece, it hit me: I don't actually know how to do anything. Raised in a family whose parents both had white-collar careers and spe Read more

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