Issue: 2012-04-05

When the 44th Annual Rotary Music Festival begins on April 11, Whitehorse can expect to hear a fresh collection of musical talent from artists young and old. "This year we are running with things that have worked in previous years," says Edith Belan Read more

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In an effort to improve the Yukon Artists @ Work (YA@W) community gallery, creative hands from across the territory have been invited by the co-op to create birdhouses for a silent auction fundraiser taking place at the gallery on April 21. Read more

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This year, Yukon Women in Trades & Technology (YWITT) has provided an after school program called Cool Tools for students in Grade 8 and 12, which correlates with an annual Young Women Exploring Trades Career Fair, held every November at Yukon Colleg Read more

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From Back Country April 4,2012


The part flowing out of Taye Lake is a tributary of the Takhini River. The distance from Taye Lake to the Takhini is 30 km at most, but as the Mendenhall bends back and forth on itself through the valley, it is probably four times that length. Read more

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Issue: 2012-04-05

You can literally feel the energy radiating from Marlon Davis as she teaches a Zumba class. Luckily, it's contagious. It would be difficult to participate in one of her classes and not feel energized, with a big smile on your face when you leave... Read more

The piglets were probably heavier than the geese, but they had also just been weaned and didn't have a mother to hide behind when introduced to this new type of bird. So it was a toss-up as to how this would all settle out. Read more

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Joseph Burr Tyrrell arrived in Dawson City in 1898. The man who became known as the "Dean of Mining" and the "Conqueror of the Canadian North" already had enough adventures and achievements to fill several lifetimes before he arrived.... Read more

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For the sake of argument (and who doesn't like a good argument?), let's define our terms. To me, a hobbyist is someone who does something as a pastime, a creative outlet, a pleasurable way she/he can temporarily escape the mundane realities ... Read more


You don't have to be an auto mechanic, or a computer wizard, to handle many of your vehicle's basic springtime needs. According to Doug Muir, assistant service manager at Canadian Tire, there are several things most vehicle owners can do ... Read more

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Chris Rodgers doesn't mind being called a tinkerer. After all, he's been playing around with audio equipment since he was a teenager. "I was really addicted to loudspeakers and stereos, but loudspeakers in particular. I still am," he says. Read more

Photography - Film

Every serious do-it-yourselfer knows you have to own a bunch of tools. Right? But surely, it's cheaper to rent them. Right? Maybe yes, maybe no. Bruce Beemish, who describes himself as "chief cook and bottle-washer" at Yukon Service Rentals ... Read more

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I can understand how they discovered wine. You squash grapes. Wild yeast on grape skins devours the sugary liquid and voila! Sociables. But how on earth did they figure out beer? Read more


The posting began with the question, "What do you think of when you see this Francisco Goya painting and hear its title: 'The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters'?" Read more

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