Issue: 2012-04-19

In early March this year, I went to visit some friends who live at Blue Kennels and asked if I could walk across the property and go up the hill to walk to the canyon. Normally I start this hike west of the canyon to avoid trespassing. Read more

Yukon Outside

Dawson City

What you can expect, unless your funny bone has been surgically removed, is a chance to laugh without guilt at the improbable collision of five seriously-flawed egos, each adrift in its own bubble of self-delusion. What playwright Nicky Silver ... Read more

Theatre - Dance

I sat in Nanaimo reading sailing books with all their silly jargon while waiting for that perfect weather forecast to cross the Strait of Georgia to the Sunshine Coast. We also waited to pair good weather with a closed Whiskey Golf. Read more

Yukon Outside

That Louis Pasteur was onto something. Seriously. People were harnessing the power of yeast to make beer for thousands of years before they actually knew what it was. Louis Pasteur figured out how it worked in the mid 1800s. Read more


Whitehorse's All City Band Society is about far more than just making music. This largely volunteer run non-profit organization is also about creating a sense of community. "People don't realize what a benefit being able to play in a large group li Read more

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