Issue: 2012-05-03

The story follows a young woman's journey to revive the ancient Inuit tradition of face tattooing. Inuit tattoos have been forbidden for a century, and almost forgotten. Inuk woman, filmmaker, and Iqaluit resident Alethea Arnaquq-Baril struggles ... Read more

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Many of those in attendance were members of the Selkirk First Nation, and one of the messages I tried to stress was how traditional storytelling techniques and their unique cultural heritage are just as important as the technology that is rapidly lin Read more


If watching The Hunger Games made you wish you could take up a bow and arrow, then the Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle has some very good news for you. Last month, the Sport Circle brought in the top instructor from the British Columbia Archery... Read more

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Kindhearted pirates, timorous policemen, pretty maidens, star-crossed lovers and a thoroughly modern Major-General. All these are onstage this week at Wood Street School as the Music, Art, Drama, Dance program (MAD) program presents ... Read more

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When I travelled to Toronto for work in March, my first impression was how I desperately needed new shoes and maybe a decent city coat not covered in lint and dust. My second impression of Toronto was that of a beer wasteland. Read more


Picture the serenity of pristine mountain scenery, contrasted by the fast action of snowmobiles launched upside down on soaring jumps. That's exactly what Whitehorse filmmaker Blake Wildfong is capturing for his new film, Syndicate of Snow. Read more

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It's a sunny Sunday in Dawson, the first day of a new month. I am standing by the window at our kitchen counter eating a beetroot sandwich (toasted Calabrese bread, cheddar cheese, pickled beets, cucumber, tomato, and baby dill pickles with a sprink Read more

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The Northern Lights School of Dance (NLSD) is bringing the story of The Wizard of Oz to Yukon Arts Centre stage in full colour this month. "We've adapted it based on the 1939 film version of the story," says Dale Cooper, artistic consultant for the Read more

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