Issue: 2012-05-10

What's in a word? In the hands of Peter Jickling and his friends, each word has its own voice. You can listen to those voices at the Word Project: A Treatise on Resonant Philosophy at the Old Fire Hall May 14-20. Read more

Yukon Arts

All of which leaves a fair number of people walking the dike and glancing at the times on their ice pool tickets hopefully Read more

Dawson City

Amazing weather has made the last couple of weeks an absolute dream for observing, with clear skies, warm temperatures and no pesky insects. The northern lights have been putting on quite a show lately as well. It makes you wonder, if the solar... Read more


Several articles ago I promised to finish my tour of the Yukon Liquor Corp. (YLC) wine shelves before the snow melted. With the rains coming down and my frozen lake looking mushy, I'd better hurry! Read more


t can happen to anyone. You forget to set the alarm, you sleep in, you miss an important flight. But when you're a migratory bird, missing your southbound flight in the fall could have disastrous consequences. So when Doug and Yasmine Hannah ... Read more


The Robert Campbell Bridge between Riverdale and downtown Whitehorse will be closed this Sunday. But not for long. The bridge will be closed for approximately 10 minutes around 1 p.m. as over 1,000 runners and walkers make their way across its... Read more

Yukon Active

"Oh, the Yukon. I'm planning a moose hunting trip there." Not the expected response from a Turkish rug salesman, as one wanders through the narrow cobblestone streets of Istanbul's historic district, Sultanahmet. I felt far from my northern home wh Read more

Yukon Archives

My first encounter with a pink pincushion goes back to my first hikes in the Yukon. I can still visualize that first time I came upon this pink glory, when I was walking on top of a mountain, in that typical world of stone and sky. Read more

Yukon Outside