Issue: 2012-05-17

"Opening is always a great flurry," says Sharron Chatterton, manager of the George Johnston Museum in Teslin, with an exhalation of all the tasks yet to be completed, "all those last minute details of turning a seasonally closed business into a Read more

Dawson City

It was placer mining that scratched the surface of this gold bearing land, and it was the clues provided by generations of placer miners that pointed the way to the discoveries that are being Read more

Dawson City

"You get to learn how to notice the plants around you, how to shoot a rifle, how not to ground your boat in the river, how to pack properly for a multi-day hike, and you get to have fun and relax while you're doing it," saysNansi Cunningham... Read more

Yukon Active

Flecks of gold sparkle in a miniature painting; jewelry made with a gem named 'fire citrine' creates a pool of golden light; the graceful swoops of porcelain pottery are delicately rimmed in gold. Read more

Yukon Arts

There's a saying Fay Branigan thinks everyone should know: "Feed your body, nourish your brain and soothe your soul through gardening." Read more

Farm - Garden

Karine Genest offers us a view of Churchill, Manitoba during the polar bear migration season during her show Un Autre Nord: Les Ours Polaires de Churchill, at the Centre de la Francophonie on Strickland Street. Read more

Photography - Film