Issue: 2012-06-21

Activity flurries in the dressing room, as last-minute touch-ups are hurriedly applied, bows are re-tied and glitter is sprinkled liberally over waiting arms and faces. Outside, an expectant crowd lines the raised, T-shaped stage. Read more

Yukon Education

Each of Meghan Hildebrand's paintings sets out a rich site within which your imagination can roam. Let me invite you into "The Royal Game of Us," just inside the doors of the Yukon Arts Centre's Public Gallery. Read more

Yukon Arts

If you want to get a really good look at Dredge #4 on the Bonanza Road, this summer is the time to do it. Read more

Dawson City

The night sky has all but disappeared leaving local amateur astronomers with only solar and lunar observing. There are many perks to solar observing using only solar safety approved filters and gear. First of all, the sun makes for an easy target... Read more


Terry Mosdale wants to see the sport of lacrosse take root and grow in the Yukon. The learning facilitator and officiating clinician with the Canadian Lacrosse Association was in Whitehorse a couple of weekends ago to train a group of new Yukon... Read more

Yukon Active

Director Ridley Scott broke some real ground in science-fiction films, first in 1979 with Alien, and again in 1982 with Blade Runner. Both films flew in the face of the sanitized and gleaming other worlds presented in Star Wars, the most successful Read more

Photography - Film

On February 19, 1894, Herschel Island saw its first baseball game, but not its last. The lines were created using ash, and a sail was put up as a backstop. The officers played the crew, and the result was never recorded. Read more

Yukon History

I must be getting old: asleep in my hotel room by 10 p.m. the night of Haines Beer Fest this year. A poor display of anti-beerfest behaviour. The first year I went to the Great Alaskan Craft Beer and Home Brew Festival it was 2001 and it was held... Read more


On June 11, 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper rose in the House of Commons to issue a formal apology for Canada's century-long Indian residential school policy. That same Wednesday evening, a new play called Where the Blood Mixes ... Read more

Yukon Arts

Daniela Lemke is playing in a man's world. She is a drummer and "drums in particular are still very much a man's world," she says. That's why Lemke wants to share her story with other women. "It's all about rockin' it out for the chicks and hoping Read more

Yukon Music