Issue: 2012-06-28

As mentioned previously, I've been on a "money diet" these past months, but still want to be tasting interesting wines to go with meals I have with friends. Sometimes force of circumstance leads to happy discoveries. I wanted to share some new... Read more


There are, as Robert Service noted, strange things done 'neath the Midnight Sun. There have also been some strange things written, not the least of which would be some of the poet's own verses and a few of the saltier tales of Jack London. Read more

Dawson City

Choreographer Michelle Olson is somewhat of a part-time Dawsonite herself and member of the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in First Nation. She has previously created two pieces that were performed at the Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre. Read more

Theatre - Dance

It's hard to envision just how long a one kilometre zip-line is until you're standing on the launch platform. Trust me: it is very, very, very long. It's so long you can barely make out the landing platform at the other end. When you watch another... Read more

Yukon Active



I made my first real gardening faux pas this week. I cut down the rhubarb. All of it. Sawing through the base of the stalks with a kitchen knife, the adrenaline rush was intense Read more

Farm - Garden

With six books and three CDs to her credit, Ivan E. Coyote may be Yukon's most prolific storyteller since the triumvirate of Service, London and Berton. Next month, Coyote will take the stage at the Atlin Arts and Music Festival ... Read more

Yukon Arts

On May 8, Darren Bullen woke up on a small gravel island, upside-down in a single engine Cessna, with the weight of a man on his neck. The plane had fallen silent and gone down after complete engine failure. Near Coffee Creek, over 100 km south of D Read more

Dawson City

An open-mic event that welcomes musicians of all skill levels, Ginger Jam is a free-form jam night hosted by house sound tech, musician and token redhead, Marshall Charlebois, whose long, ginger-coloured hair and beard inspired the event's name. Read more

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