Issue: 2012-08-02

"I liken her to a fizzy drink—refreshing, invigorating and fun." "She was a hummingbird with high energy." Read more

Yukon History

It took until the middle of July, but it seems (I don't want to jinx us) that summer has arrived in the Yukon! The past two weekends have actually been HOT, and I've been lucky enough to spend two Saturdays nights kayaking, swimming and sitting... Read more


Sometimes there are moments in life where our experience of scenes and events, or our memory of them, doesn't match up with their physical form. It's tough to say which is more real—the way we perceive things, or the things themselves. Read more

Yukon Arts

I managed to mow our lawn before the rain began to sprinkle this morning and was pleased to find that several of the dog damaged areas that I reseeded earlier in the summer no longer stand out as patches of bare earth. Read more

Dawson City

Amber Walker's fourth solo exhibition bears the title Reclamation—a word that has several meanings for the 27-year-old Whitehorse artist. In part, Walker says, it is about reclaiming the Aztec side of her heritage ... Read more