Issue: 2012-08-10

A while ago, we were at a bar mitzvah in Toronto. Meeting and greeting relatives we have not seen for the better part of a decade, we received resounding wonder that our adventure of moving to Canada's North more than a dozen years ago was no longer Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

Around this time of year I usually devote a few columns to some of the literary lions that have helped to make Dawson City famous since 1898. Read more

Dawson City

Susan and Michael Gibson work off each other as they talk. With the ease of long familiarity, they lead off each others' anecdotes and remind each other of important points. My 10-minute interview turns into an hour-long conversation. "We kind of p Read more

Yukon People

Dawson Music Festival (DCMF) is billed as a music event, but there happens to be a lot of beer action in the midst of it. My friend Lee, who didn't have the foresight to purchase music tickets beforehand, kept calling it Dawson beerfest from his... Read more


They rolled out of Dawson Creek, B.C. on August 4: 77 historic military vehicles, plus 36 civilian support vehicles, with drivers from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, even the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more

Yukon History

"For me it's becoming clear that I like the craft of songwriting and recording, but I love turning the light on in people," says Shelley O'Brien. "They become so empowered. It's their experience in nature, it's their artist." Read more

Yukon Arts

Have you ever been happily hopping from rock to rock on a hiking trail, only to have a rock shift unexpectedly beneath your feet to remind you that the ground isn't always as stable as you like to think? Have you ever had it happen when you were... Read more

Yukon Active

August has snuck up on us and now here we are, gazing at September, watching the coming winter roll up like a wave to crash ashore cold and hard. It reminds me that a year ago I arrived in the Yukon. Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

Welcome to another peek at my corner of the Klondike. Apparently this little column is getting a bit of notice, since my absence last issue has already had a couple of people asking me if I'd stopped writing it. Read more

Dawson City