Issue: 2012-08-23

The Bonanza Creek Road winds through piles of dredge tailings—hills of gravel mounded like ground deposited by a gigantic earthworm—and abandoned, rusting mining equipment. Read more

Yukon History

This summer I learned that random acts of sunlight, a broken lawnmower and tolerant neighbours can lead to a lot of delicious, surprising salad ingredients growing all over my backyard. Instead of the monoculture of lawn, there's a botanical array Read more

Yukon Food & Drink

I was born under a tree (on September 6, 1920), way up the MacMillan River, at Russell Creek," J.J. Van Bibber told the Klondike Sun back in 2009. Read more

Dawson City

If, on a recent walk through the Mount McIntrye trails, you've heard a lot of rustling and crashing around in the bushes, it may not have been the bear you feared it was. Instead, it may be a pack of disc golfers. Most simply put, disc golf is... Read more

Yukon Active

Dawson survives as it does because it had prominent champions among the wordsmiths of the 20th century. Read more

Dawson City

We were going on a hike following Quill Creek on the Haines Road. We had heard that part of the bush road going northeast at Quill Creek had washed away. We planned to go southwest—off to the mountains. Read more

Yukon Outside

If you've ever been to a Belgian beer bar you know that those Belgians have a different glass for every type of beer, bless their souls. It seems gimmicky, but they take their beer seriously. Read more


Weathered boards from old cabins, archival photos from the Gold Rush era, and 21st century communications technology. These are the ingredients behind the exhibition Old Faces, Old Places ... Read more

Yukon Arts

Astrid and Otto Røt [Die Røten Pünkte] are two musical orphans from Berlin. Or maybe not. Their parents were killed by a train on her 12th birthday, Astrid explains. Or maybe eaten by lions, as Otto claims. Read more

Yukon Music