Issue: 2012-09-06

Aged to Perfection (ATP) is a team of "masters plus" female runners that participates in the Klondike Trail of '98 International Road Relay each year. They get together every Saturday morning—rain, shine or snow, all year long— to do a run, socializ Read more

Yukon Active

This year the iconic Klondike Trail of 98 International Road Relay from Skagway to Whitehorse turns 30! On September 7 and 8,, teams of runners will cross 176.5km of terrain broken into 10 legs (between nine and 25.6kkm in length), all while... Read more

Yukon Active

Being in Dawson City for a residence at the Berton House is a dream come true for Winnipeg writer Joan Thomas. This is not the first time that Thomas has been to this area. In 1996, she spent a month camping in the Yukon with her family. Read more


Why do the Irish drink stouts? Why did the pilsner style develop in the Czech region? The type of water flowing through a region was a big contributor to the type of beer that evolved in the area. Beer is generally somewhere between 90-95 percent... Read more


The strength of Beyond the Outhouse, a show of acrylic paintings by Kelsey Elaisson at Gallery 22, lies in its irreverent but unabashed embrace of very familiar northern images. The vigour and commitment of his painting style carries them off. Read more

Yukon Arts

It would not be too much of an exaggeration to say that the emphasis now given to the arts during the Discovery Days celebrations here have revived a week that was once in danger of dying out altogether. Read more

Dawson City