Issue: 2012-09-20

On Saturday, September 29 organizations, communities and individuals across the country will celebrate sport by taking part in Sports Day in Canada. Sports Day in Canada is a national celebration of sport of all different kinds and at all levels... Read more

Yukon Active

There's a lot more than gold in them thar hills and creeks in the Klondike. Aside from all kinds of other minerals that just don't seem to occur in large enough quantities to be of commercial.... Read more

Dawson City

Perhaps the most unspeakable adulteration of beer is the complete, or near-complete, removal of alcohol to make those sad, non-alcoholic shadows-of-their-former-selves near beers that men drink during sympathetic pregnancies, women drink during... Read more


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Issue: 2012-09-20

Astronomy and all its wonders are fascinating regardless of where you are or how much equipment you have. Every year we do the family holiday down in southern British Columbia visiting family and friends. This is a prime opportunity to see a very... Read more


At the age of three, Heidi Krutzen announced to her non-musical parents that she wanted to play the harp. She had to settle for the piano until she was nine and big enough to tackle the hefty, 47-string instrument of her choice. Read more

Yukon Music

People like to ask: "What is Yukon art?" Such a small population generates little by way of trends or movements. Most artists are, to one degree or another, in a class by themselves. Read more

Yukon Arts

Not only does the school have a new artistic director and a new mandate, there is even a brand-new entity for emerging artists, called Young Ballet of the Yukon (YBY). Artistic Director Julio Hong is no stranger either to the territory or to NLSD. Read more

Theatre - Dance

The play is new. The book that inspired it is 142 years old. The song dates back to the Summer of Love. The kinky proclivity all three works explore may be as old as time. Venus in Fur, the David Ives play ... Read more

Theatre - Dance

It was novelist Lawrence Hill who told me while we sipped tea in the Downtown Hotel dining room in Dawson in March that his early career as a journalist taught him to embrace the adventure of his stories. The beauty of living in the North is the adv Read more

Yukon Local Business

For several years, Amitai Marmorstein has periodically donned a drab brown uniform, complete with long stockings, shorts,vest and tie and Harry Potter glasses ... he joins Celine Stubel ... to tell the story of Legoland. Read more

Theatre - Dance

Considering how easy it was to encrypt your traffic, you should consider arranging your wireless access point or router so that someone else won't find it that easy to copy your encryption key. You should configure your WAP or router so that the adm Read more

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