Issue: 2012-10-04

It's a treat to ease off of the money diet as I shop for wines these days! While I have made some terrific wine discoveries that are well worth exploring regardless of your budget, I've been able to look again at a few more wines in the $17-20.00... Read more


Shortly after setting up camp in my adolescent bedroom, I learned about What’s Up Yukon. I emailed then-editor Darrell Hookey — with a couple of attachments demonstrating my writing prowess — and mentioned I was interested in “editorial work.” Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

Autumn is upon us and the Yukon night skies are at their best. If you head out early in the evening, you will see the summer constellations slowly sinking into the horizon. Alternately, if you stay up until just before sunrise, you'll be able to... Read more


"We had a vision in the fall, last year, of building an outdoor classroom at Robert Service School," Read more

Dawson City

In my last article I slagged the North American breweries for slacking off in the non-alcoholic beer department. The non-alcoholic beers I've tried from this side of the pond all failed miserably in approximating beer-like satisfaction. Then again... Read more