Issue: 2012-11-08

Inheriting her grandmother's hymn-book — stuffed with press clippings, flowers and a nuclear disarmament card from the 1960s — took Veda Hille on a journey she hadn't anticipated. Read more

Theatre - Dance

"When I travel down south for meetings, other clubs are astounded and in awe of what we have here in Whitehorse," said Claude Chabot, Executive Director of the Whitehorse Cross-Country Ski Club. "On our trails you can be cross-country skiing by... Read more

Yukon Active

In Dawson we usually get 24-hours notice before the George Black ferry gets pulled for the winter. Read more

Dawson City

One of the perks of spewing your beer brain onto a white page every couple of weeks is that people occasionally give you beer and suggest you write a column about it. One of my colleagues came back from a trip to Alaska in mid-October with a... Read more


That's what's going on with Heather Finton and Bianca Martin right now. They came up with the idea of hosting a series of free film-and-chat nights at the Sundog Retreat and they're hoping the idea takes off. "The idea is to connect with people," sa Read more

Photography - Film