Issue: 2012-11-15

"It is so important for kids to be outside and to connect with nature," says Karin Grenier. "And one way to do that is for them to interact with dogs and dog sledding." Grenier and her partner Normand Casavant run Casaventures, a dog sledding... Read more

Yukon Education

Nov15 Archery to Zumba.jpg

Nov15 Archery to Zumba

Whether you have a poodle, a retired sled dog, or a dog in race form, the Dog Powered Sports Association (DPSA) of the Yukon has an event for you. The association runs events year-round and provides dogs -— and their owners — lots of opportunities... Read more

Yukon Winter

Most teachers prepare for class with chalkboards, hour-by-hour lesson plans, and neatly aligned desks. Stan Njootli, Sr.'s preparation involves jerry cans, tarps and well-maintained boat motors. Njootli and his colleague Frances Ross are teachers at Read more

Old Crow

For six months of the year the Dyes search for gold at their Amigo Mining operation located near Dublin Gulch, north of Mayo. For the wintery six months of the year, they do mission work in Lagunitas, Mexico from their perch in Arizona. Read more

Making A Difference!

Canadian contemporary artists found a wider audience in Massachusetts last spring. The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) presents more than 60 Canadian artists, including three artists from the Yukon, until April 2013. Read more

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