Issue: 2012-12-20


Issue: 2005-03-25

Most people assume astronomy, as a hobby, is sitting all alone in a field with a telescope in the middle of nowhere. Don't get me wrong, sometimes an empty field, a clear night, a telescope or pair of binoculars, and nothing but the stars to keep you Read more


Christmas and New Year's are fast approaching us here in the Yukon, and this weekend reminded me what a beautiful and magical place we live in. If Whitehorse was not beautiful enough, I just came home from driving 500 km through low-angle sun and fre Read more

Yukon Christmas

My parents, Bob and Elly Porsild, were from Denmark and we always observed Christmas in the Scandinavian way, celebrating with dinner and pakke on the eve of December 24th. The meal always began with rice porridge with a blanched almond hidden in it, Read more

Sebastien Weisser considers himself a fortunate man. When his snowmobile broke down in a remote location on the Top of the World highway near Dawson City, he wasn't worried. "I knew someone would come and get me," he says. Read more

Making A Difference!

I was lucky enough to "help" Rob Monk tap off a cask ale at Yukon Brewing a few weeks ago. Truth be told, there was a bit of spillage as the spigot flew from my hand, but Rob is quick on his feet and he deftly rectified the situation with minimal... Read more


McCartha Sandy-Lewis remembers her great-grandmother squatting down every evening before sunset with her frock between her knees, smoking a pipe and looking out toward Mount Irvine Bay. That's where the slave ship had brought her ... Read more

Yukon Music

I haven't had any freeze-dried back-packing meals for a long time. They may have changed, but I always found them to be very expensive with very small servings. In order to fill my stomach and keeps the costs down, I've always travelled.... Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

There is a line from the movie Evita: "it's hard to keep momentum, if it's you that you are following." That's exactly what the youth attending Yukon College's Working and Leading program are doing. They are learning how to lead themselves. Read more

Yukon Education