Issue: 2013-02-14

Q: What should I do if I don't have a date on Valentine's Day? –Dateless on Donjek Charlie Says: Count your blessings Dateless. Valentine's Day can be an expensive Hallmark holiday full of pressures, expectations and annoying restaurant line-ups... Read more

Yukon People

A staple of the Frostbite Music Festival will kick off this year's event and showcase the multitude of young talent in the territory. The annual Battle of the Bands competition will take place Friday, February 15 in the Yukon College's woodshed and w Read more

Yukon Music

American actress Jessica Chastain redeems her loopy performance in The Tree Of Life with her role in Zero Dark Thirty. The film tells the story of how the CIA ultimately captured and killed its arch enemy Osama Bin Laden after 10 years of pursuing... Read more

Photography - Film

Ice climbing was destined to be my true love. Twelve years ago a friend introduced me to the sport by taking me on a three-day trip up Mount Hood, east of Portland, Oregon. I returned home to the Yukon, excited about my discovery and talked to anyo Read more

Yukon Winter