Issue: 2013-03-28

Dear Yukoners, Warm greetings from Adelaide, Australia! Bloody hot greetings more like it. Your very own Yukon Gold Comics (Jenny Hamilton, George Maratos, Stephen McGovern, and I) are going through a creative comedy makeover by shaking.... Read more

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The Dawson City International Short Film Festival (DCISFF) features a series of films as short as one minute, each one being a window into the minds of filmmakers from around the world. Read more

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The mental part of running is more difficult to train for and equally, if not more, important to your ultimate success than the physical aspect. All runners have hit the wall. Your body feels like it wants to shut down.... Read more

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March28 Broomball0006.jpg

March28 Broomball0006

March 28th marks the 30th anniversary of the Yukon Broomball Association. "We've come a long way from our humble beginnings playing on local community rinks," says Scott Smith, the association's travel team coach. "We outgrew the community rinks... Read more

Yukon Active

Pigs often don't show signs of pregnancy until they are almost ready to give birth, so if you aren't expecting new born pigs they can really surprise you. By the end of January we were sure she was carrying a litter but the delivery date was still in Read more

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I like beer —anything heavier and I can easily overdo it. I just don't have the pacing right. So when I was asked to check out the Whitehorse Fine Malt Society, I didn't respond with my usual enthusiasm. After all, I still had some foggy residual... Read more


All winter I worked on a trail going due south from the house. My initial goal was to reach a little hilltop in the middle of the Takhini Valley. First, I followed the firebreak to the highway, and some days that was as far as I went. If I saw fres Read more

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