Issue: 2013-05-02


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Q: There is this woman I have known for a few years now and I know she is single. I asked her out for coffee about a year ago and she said no. Lately I have been running into her again and I have been striking up conversation. I still really want... Read more

Yukon People

Ok, so we share it with Alaska, but it starts in the Yukon. And I hope you've already submitted your registration for this year's June 15 race. Read more

Yukon Summer

Lately the egg situation on the farm has been nonexistent. Our laying hens stopped giving us eggs some time just after Christmas. For the first time in a decade we had to buy eggs. Read more

Farm - Garden

Leave it to the chef of the French King Louis XIV to create a recipe that in modern times has become a Dutch national favourite: the kroket. This word is derived from the French word croquette, and the recipe is made with local variety in many of the Read more

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Issue: 2013-05-02

With May here it is a good reminder that we only have, at best, five weeks of celestial observation left. Recently, I have dedicated much of my time to Comet PanSTARRS and its travels through the Yukon's skies. It has been an amazing journey, ... Read more


The number on my phone glared at me in ugly black digits: 2,020. My Fitness Pal app wasn't being very friend-like, accusing me of eating over 2,000 calories in a single sitting. I undid the top button of my jeans and decided it was worth every bit... Read more


We all pay just a little more attention to coverage of events we attended just in case we are On TV. But On TV usually happens somewhere else, somewhere we can't reach. But there is something waiting to bridge that gap. Always there, often forgotten, Read more