Issue: 2013-06-13

It's only recently that most people have forgotten how to forage for food. For thousands of years, First Nations communities across Canada lived on food provided by nature. Berries, barks, plants, flowers and herbs were cyclically harvested for food Read more

Wild Harvest

When I first started to garden in the Yukon I waited until the May long weekend to plant — same as I did while living on the prairies. But I noticed some years the garden could be worked as early as the last week of April. Read more

Farm - Garden

Bruce Springsteen's music is often the soundtrack of my weekend mornings. There is something about waking up and fumbling through the first cup of coffee while listening to Springsteen's unpretentious Read more

Yukon Music

We got the stern border guard at Haines customs this year. No, we're not bringing any firearms, plants or suitcases full of money, but I do have six beer entries for the homebrew competition... Read more