Issue: 2013-07-25

Perhaps Whitehorse's most stately landmark is the S.S. Klondike, perched on the shore of the Yukon River. But for sheer bizarreness you can't beat my favourite capital city attraction Read more


Often insects are seen as nuisances — pests that need bug dope to keep them away. And while I absolutely hate biting bugs there are some insects I find very interesting and necessary for gardening. Read more

Farm - Garden

I've been feeling a little nostalgic about beer lately. I don't remember my first beer but I do remember my first six pack — not a pretty story. I was 15 and went to a house party — a handful of teenagers hanging out drinking and watching an old... Read more


What is it about summer that makes us think the best thing to refresh us is a big lick of a thick, mucous-forming substance that sometimes makes our heads hurt and inevitably leaves us more dehydrated? Read more

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