Issue: 2013-08-22

Recently we noticed some of the turkeys had bloody wings and were being picked on by the others. Often if turkeys don't have enough feed or enough protein in their feed they will pick each other. Read more

Farm - Garden

Pat LePoidevin is coming to the Yukon to debut his latest album, American Fiction, which will kick off his Canada-wide tour. On August 23, LePoidevin will be playing at Bombay Peggy's.... Read more

Yukon Music

It doesn't have to be an epic battle between the forces of good and evil. I believe beer can live in a symbiotic relationship with athletic pursuits. It's all about balance, expectations, pacing and choosing your sport wisely. The expats in Malay.. Read more


Among the many things worth seeing at the Dawson City Museum this summer are 16 photographs that tell the story of Dredge No 1, which was the victim of an explosion on February 22, 1913... Read more

Dawson City

Last month Teslin Tlingit Council hosted a huge Ha Kus Teyea celebration with thousands visiting Teslin. Read more


Haines Junction may be too small to have a grocery store, but it has artists galore. Artists, craftspeople, photographers and writers all display and sell their work at the Village Local Art Gallery, which opened just last summer. Read more

Haines Junction

Apparently forest bathing is big in Japan. It's viewed as a way to reduce stress, and it has healing effects. Read more

The Green Issues

These are some of the lyrics from the title track of Diyet's new album, When You Were King, released this summer. They speak to the need for all of us to connect with the person we were meant to be, and to make a difference in our own lives and in th Read more

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