Issue: 2013-09-12

Andrew Connors has you in mind. All of you. And it isn't even creepy. Well some of it is — like Upstream Colour — but most of it is just harmless fun. Read more

Photography - Film

From May to September you can find Riley Brennan all around Dawson, digging in the dirt as she skillfully helps to make the town a place that the Cities in Bloom tour.... Read more

Dawson City

I'm sitting outside on the deck of the new Carcross Commons with Olympians, national mountain bike journalists, trail breakers, greenhouse workers, locals and a Chief Executive Officer. Great coffee and chocolate croissants are ready and waiting at t Read more


It's official. I think I could take John Mayer in a fistfight. Not that I am interested in fighting him, or vice versa, but if by some fantastic coincidence we found ourselves squaring-off with an axe to grind I think Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

This rather scrawny-looking fox joined me when I was walking in the woods above the dam on July 10th. He/she had given a blood curdling yelp (as foxes do) and came out on to the path just in front of me. It was small and young looking – its tail was Read more

Living With Wildlife

With the start of the school year, my neighbourhood bus stop is abuzz with talk of who has Mrs. So-and-So and what kind of teacher Mr. Such-and-Such is. In a town where politicians aren't even called by their last names, teachers are in Read more

Yukon Education