Issue: 2013-09-18

Did you know that the funky little metal house in Shipyards Park, the black one with the raven that your kids are always playing in, is part of the Yukon Permanent Art Collection? Read more

Yukon Arts

It's happening. Right now. I'm sitting on a high stool in my kitchen, propping my torso up with my elbows. The oven is humming away at 425°F, emitting the quenching aroma of melting cheese. Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

There are the purists who believe beer should be simple. The Bavarian Purity of Law of 1516, the famous Reinheitsgebot, stated that beer could only be made with water, malt (malted barley or malted wheat) and hops. Louis Pasteur wouldn't discover... Read more


If you are susceptible to the perception that we are a country of people who play it safe; Colleen Murphy is the kind of person who reminds us that Canadian's can be cool. Her life is anything but normal and she's artistic to boot. She has created f Read more

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