Issue: 2013-10-10

There are about 15 different kinds of turkeys ranging in colour from a slate-blue to the bronze of the wild birds. The most commonly raised breed of turkey looks nothing like it's wild predecessors. It is pure white and much larger than the originals Read more

Farm - Garden

As mentioned last week, the Klondike is under consideration to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This discussion began in 1997, during the gold rush centennials and the idea has been simmering – on and off the burner – ever since. Read more

Dawson City

I've never been to New Orleans but my friend Casey Mclaughlin has, and when she returned she brought me a book called 1 Dead in Attic, by New Orleans Times-Picayune columnist Chris Rose. Read more


Regardless of genre or gender, music has the ability to capture the interest of an audience. This is a concept that 15-year-old Emily Ross is applying to her own concert production, called Because I am a Girl. Read more

Making A Difference!