Issue: 2013-10-17

Twelve months ago, Harreson Tanner thought he was leaving the Yukon for good. Like many seniors, Tanner wanted to be closer to his children and grandchildren. So he and his wife sold their Riverdale home and moved to Ontario. Read more

Yukon Arts

The late Dick North used to quip that with a surname like his it was no mystery that he worked as a journalist in the Yukon. Read more

Dawson City

I usually wait until Christmas to lurk around the Whitehorse liquor store in search of sexy new beer products, but September brought a surprise: Guinness Black Lager. Guinness has been throwing some heavy coin into advertising this new product... Read more


When 2010 began I had three living grandparents, but by the year's end I had none Read more

Family and Health

When I first came to Dawson City, in 1998, I didn't think I would become a model. Not that I'm a model you'd find in the haute couture cities of the world.... I'm speaking of life drawing, where artists hide behind large easels.... Read more

Yukon Arts

My son Billy and I went up onto the Top of the World for an afternoon grouse hunt, his first. There are dozens of trails and abandoned mining roads off of this highway and at this time of the year, the highway is closed and all but unused. The eleva Read more

Hunting For Wildlife

For 20 years Eleanor Millard has been providing support to grandparents who want to rescue their grandchildren. Year after year, Millard's phone rings, and an anonymous person on the other end needs help figuring out what the options are for taking a Read more

Yukon Families

Marigold Santos likes the idea of a multiple self.... The four large-scale mixed media drawings on canvas feature imagery of body fragmentation arising from foundations of movement, migration, and change within a physical and social landscape. Read more

Yukon Arts

Whitehorse resident Dennis Allen has crafted a successful career out of telling stories close to his heart: stories of life and culture of the people of the North. Read more

Yukon Culture

Rae Spoon is not the average musician. A native of Calgary, the transgender musician has become a household name in Canada's burgeoning queer music scene. Read more

Yukon Music