Issue: 2013-10-31

About a month ago my friend Dylan Letang finally got his wish. Last year he moved back to Whitehorse after spending a decade in Vancouver. As a single man with intelligence, steady employment, and racially ambiguous good looks he had Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

It seems Whitehorse has an artistic genius in the making. Thirteen-year-old Ben Beese has turned paper into realistic replica gun models. For the whole month of November Northern Front Studio at Waterfront Station in Whitehorse will pay tribute to... Read more

Yukon Arts & Entertainment

My friends and I spent Thanksgiving in Haines this year. We thought we would catch some fish, drink some beers and see some bears. Only one of those panned missions out. The fish weren't jumping, or running, or whatever fish do. We saw a few dead... Read more


Onde de choc is a new event that will bring together over 25 Francophone artists from a variety of disciplines. Through culinary art, video, interactive installation, music, dance, storytelling, visual art, theatre and poetry, everyone is invited to Read more

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