Issue: 2013-11-07

Jozien Nov 7, 2013

Jozien Keijzer

I haven't written about Stony Creek before, even though I drink its water daily and follow its bank up to the mountains a few times each year. Once I even followed it beyond its source, overlooking Harrison Lake. Read more

Yukon Summer

The date may have changed this year, but the timing is the same. Contestants in the Yukon 48 Challenge still have just 48 hours to devise, film and edit a short film for presentation. Read more

Photography - Film

Dawson City resident Scott Bradley will be hooking up with 15,000 delegates from around the world next week to discuss climate change. Bradley has been invited to participate in the 19th annual Conference of Parties (COP19) in Warsaw, Poland from Read more

The Green Issues

Before I turned my attention to carousing in the early 2000s, I watched a lot of movies, and as a young film buff I couldn't believe my good fortune when I stumbled upon the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). Read more

Photography - Film

As the recreation director for Mount Lorne, her penchant for good, wholesome food runs throughout the programs and events she organizes at the Lorne Mountain Community Centre. Cookies and scones may be served while old-timers in the valley tell their Read more

Mount Lorne

Would you pay $250 to feel human? In Amber Dawn's new book How Poetry Saved My Life is a poem called "What's My Mother F***ing Name." In it, she describes how a client had sex with her and then said, "Now I feel human again." Read more