Issue: 2013-11-14

In two previous columns I have given some background behind Dawson City's interest in UNESCO's World Heritage Status designation. The Klondike region was placed on the national short list for this status in 2004, and I have outlined some of the... Read more

Dawson City

Years ago I was asked by a Japanese helper what kinds of plants grew here in the winter. I laughed and said nothing grows, it is all frozen solid. She was amazed. In many places they rotate their crops based on the season. Heat-loving plants like... Read more

Farm - Garden

The Canadian Labour International Film Festival (CLIFF) celebrates its fifth anniversary in the Yukon on Wednesday, November 20. CLIFF is an initiative of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), presented locally by the Yukon Employees Union ( Read more

Photography - Film

It is often noted that Whitehorse is a place where people can reinvent themselves periodically without anyone blinking an eye. And in the midst of our current technological society that seems to undergo a complete overhaul every decade, it seems appr Read more


The problem with being a great whiskey-producing nation like Scotland is that it becomes all you're known for, Okay, there's also bagpipes, haggis and Caber tossing. But Scottish beer? Read more