Issue: 2013-12-05

We will never die an’ we’ll never cry. We’ll never be sad an’ nobody gets mad. Read more

Old Crow

It’s a beautiful achievement when the most gratifying part of everyday is coming home to a still smoldering fire. Add a few kindling sticks, open the flue, give it time to catch, add bigger logs, let them catch, close the flue three Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

It is a busy Monday afternoon when Margriet and Al Aasman open their office for an interview. They are sitting in the meeting room where they do their brainstorming and workshops. One can feel the creative atmosphere in the room, with a white board Read more

Yukon Local Business

Walking into Meshell Melvin’s house I am instantly at home. There are pet greeters, delicious smells, and my jacket falls naturally on the couch. With the lovely addition of artful fish hanging from the ceiling, I have the sense of entering a menager Read more

Yukon Arts

Buffalo Eyes

Artwork: James S. Shorty

It was the Christmas season in 2005 in Whitehorse and my two great-grandsons, Dakota and his younger brother Garrison, were visiting us during their Vancouver school break. Because my late partner, John, and I had a trip planned to travel down the Read more

Yukon Culture

We might be copyright,” says May Gudmundson, laughing. A pin with the words I (heart) Quilts rests above her heart. “There’s another Quilters Without Borders in the States. We just wanted to have a group name.” “And there are no boundaries for where Read more

Making A Difference!

What would your grandmother say if you asked her to be your friend on Facebook? Would your teenage daughter or granddaughter know what a typewriter looks like? Technology has changed a lot in the past few decades and although lots of seniors are... Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

I was working at my desk when this deer family sauntered past my window and gave me a prime opportunity to enjoy their beautiful faces. Read more

Living With Wildlife

When the girl-gang goes hiking, we like to do as little driving as possible. The girls live in town. I don't. So, we try to find a hike in the middle. I’d never done this hike before. But it is quite magnificent, a little comparable to the Read more

Yukon Winter

The Nutcracker is coming to Dawson City just in time for the holidays. The Northern Lights School of Dance in Whitehorse is staging the traditional ballet on Saturday, December 6, at Diamond Tooth Gerties. Of the five years Read more

Yukon Archives

Twenty-five years ago, the Folk Society of Whitehorse (FSW) began as an event for people of all ages to enjoy. Today, it is on a roll — hosting monthly events. Paul Davis is the president of FSW, but he admits that he can’t do it on his own. Read more

Yukon Music

Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous volunteers, this page is dedicated to you. Read more

Making A Difference!

Four years after she officially retired, Robyn Ward-Clark still pulls two shifts a week doing what she’s always done: working with people. Following 31 years of “fascinating, but fairly stressful work” in the airline business ... Read more

Making A Difference!

If you’ve always longed to explore the inside of a glacier, Joyce Majiski’s latest exhibition, North of Myth, opening at the Yukon Arts Centre (YAC) on December 11, may be just the ticket. The experiential art installation will include ... Read more

Yukon Arts

Most nights, I go somewhere in the hills behind Riverdale, buried in all my warm clothes, and there, standing still, I look at the sky for long hours, until the cold air makes its way through my layers. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, an opening in the clou Read more

Yukon Business

Whitehorse resident Gordie Tentrees is giving back to the community that has supported him throughout his 10-year music career. On December 10, the blues-rock musician is performing a benefit concert called Speedraiser for Paralympic hopeful Jessica Read more

Yukon Music

In December 2010 I moved into my current residence on Normandy Road in Takhini. Joining me as roommates were Gavin Gardiner from Saskatoon and Jayden Soroka from Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

In part one and two of this series, we investigated the effectiveness of synthetic supplements and looked at the natural food sources of our most needed nutrients. Yet, even with a proper diet, health still eludes some people. Read more

Health and Wellness

Large organizations such as Oxfam and UNICEF have seasonal campaigns where you can "buy" gifts such as goats, books, and bicycles for communities in developing countries in the name of a loved one. The community will receive a goat, for example, and Read more

Making A Difference!