Issue: 2013-12-12

Last year our chickens stopped laying eggs. For the first time in a decade we had to buy eggs instead of selling them. The egg strike, as one of our customers called it, lasted five months. But by the time they started laying again, their replacement Read more

Farm - Garden

For more than a decade volunteers have been bringing bundles of stuff to hundreds of families in need around Whitehorse at Christmas — and making a second trip back to the car to get the rest. The children who receive those gifts don't know their pa Read more

Yukon Archives

Hi Juniper & Johnny, My roommate's boyfriend of three years claims to be in the process of separating from his wife, however I believe it's a big lie. My roommate has never been to his house, he has never spent the night, they never see each other... Read more

Yukon People

While making the daily run to Canada Post this afternoon I took the opportunity to drive down to the ferry landing and check out the progress of the ice on the Yukon River. The George Black Ferry was pulled from the water on October 30 and, as of Read more

Dawson City

Gerry Steers has the patience of a saint. The owner of Gerry's Computer Magic spends her days doing what she loves best – photographing animals. But it's not easy. Read more

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Christmas Eve is a busy night in Dawson City, with all four of the churches holding their own late evening services in honour of the coming holy day. However, they get together for the Christmas Pageant service.. Read more

Dawson City

Get your cowboy hats and boots ready: this year's Northern Opry Project is fast approaching. Read more

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This is the last article of the series. We've looked at the ineffectiveness of synthetic nutrients, benefits of nutrient-dense foods, and explored how to improve digestion to make the most of what we eat. Read more

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During my frequent beelines to the Fat Tug IPA and other craft beers at the Whitehorse Liquor Store, my eyes catch a glimpse of the solitary bottles of Fuller's Organic Honey Dew beer, but then they move on. I'm not against honey or Fuller's, but... Read more


I was just wondering whatever happened to Donovan Bailey, and then there he was — all over my Internet. As a guy who tries to keep his toe wet in the world of literature Read more