Issue: 2013-12-19

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the farm. Not a chicken was stirring, they're all in the barn. All summer they roam, but when once the snow flies, our hens will not go out to where the snow lies... Read more

Farm - Garden

"There's gold in them thar hills" is how Sharon Hickey, president of the Lorne Mountain Community Association (LMCA), introduced the special edition newsletter released last spring to celebrate the latest community project: documenting the area's his Read more

Mount Lorne

You'd be forgiven for thinking The Wire and Breaking Bad are American television shows — that's certainly what they appear to be. But actually, they're 19th century novel Read more

Photography - Film

Freeze-up on the Yukon River is not proceeding according to custom this year. Despite the lack of ice at the regular crossing down by the ferry landing in Dawson City... Read more

Dawson City


It's 1842 and Lady Ludlow is appalled to discover that a young woman applying for a position as her maid has learned to read and write. It must not be allowed, she tells her land agent, Carter. Read more

Photography - Film

Have you been kept awake at night by the threat of a zombie apocalypse? The interesting question isn't what will happen to the world, but how will the Yukon fare? Read more


Burwash Landing musician Diyet is ready to celebrate the release of her second album. No doubt she already did a little, six months ago when the CD, When You Were King, was completed and launched into world. Read more

Yukon Music

In some First Nations, two-spirited people are a common part of the history of their culture. Will Roscoe, for example, writes in the book The Zuni Man Woman (1991) that two-spirited people have been documented for centuries in over... Read more

Yukon Culture

Somewhere in Riverdale, not far from downtown, but maybe a bit farther from the Canada Games Centre and the airport, lives a merry band of housemates – four adults and two children. Read more

Yukon Winter