Issue: 2014-04-03

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Issue: 2014-04-03

"April brings a gaggle of Swan Celebrations"

We just finished unloading all the skis, about 80 pairs, in front of the wax room in Newfoundland when a large rumbling sound caught everyone off guard. People dove for safety as an avalanche of snow slid off the roof of the wax room, burying our ski Read more

Yukon Winter

April marks the glorious return of thousands of swans to the M'Clintock Bay area of Marsh Lake. This year is particularly special because it marks the 20th anniversary of Swan Haven Interpretive Centre, the facility that has been designed to Read more

Marsh Lake

The Animal Project, a new feature film by prolific Canadian indie filmmaker Ingrid Veninger, began as a leap of faith. To begin creating the film, Toronto-based Veninger met 100 actors, one at a time, with no script in hand, no concept for the... Read more

Photography - Film

As a new season approaches, have you ever asked yourself, "I wonder what's up with the natural world, at this moment, where I live?" My name is Roy Jantzen and I am a professor of natural history, environmental interpretation, and stewardship... Read more

Yukon Outside

Last fall, my little pup team and I had grand plans of conquering the short skijoring racing circuit this winter. You know what they say about best laid plans, though. Without any lead dogs, it was tough to train these guys. Thanks to my helpful... Read more

Yukon Winter

In the last 53 years of making artwork, the Yukon's beloved artist Jim Robb has steered pretty clear of doing art shows. It's a curious situation, since he has a deep love of sharing the colourful history of the Yukon, and in return, his pen, ink,... Read more

Yukon Arts

Dawson's streets will be wider and lower by the time you read this column. There will be the odd large puddle around town, especially at the corners where grates for the storm drains are located, but it won't be anything like it might have been if... Read more

Dawson City

Joy Karp Power of Serivce

Joy Karp Power of Serivce

When I first travelled to Canada and the United States I was impressed with the service I got — from the smallest breakfast restaurant, to a fancy steakhouse. Among other things, I enjoyed being called "sweetie" and "honey," by servers, and I... Read more


Dear balloon, We crossed paths one night as I walked up Two Mile Hill. I was heading home to Takhini; I'm not sure what you were doing. Perhaps you had escaped your party duties and were making a break for it. There was a joy and freedom in the... Read more


You aren't sorry for inviting them to stay, because they are all your kids' best friends, but what can you make for dinner to satisfy a group that size? Read more