Issue 2014-06-12

Cover June 12, 2014

Photo Credit: Rick Massie

June 12, 2014

Dix Mots

See how 10 words inspired Marie-Hélène Comeau to inspire others

Didee Didoo June 12, 2014

Cartoon By Allan Benjamin

Don’t ever say nope ‘cause there’s always hope. Even if you don’t have soap You’ll always have hope. If you don’t have bug dope Read more

Old Crow

June5 Behind Curtain 1.jpeg

June 12

If you ask Andrew Connors to explain the appeal of film, the answer is simple and direct. “It transports me,” he says without hesitation. A self-professed “art nerd” who loves to read, Connors sees a strong parallel between the storytelling power o Read more

Photography - Film


June 12

What we want and what we need don’t always coincide: that’s the sad dilemma at the core of Two Lovers. Read more

Photography - Film

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June 12

It’s an art show so big it needs two galleries to display it. With nearly 200 works by 70 young Weekday Warriors, it may be the biggest exhibit by emerging artists ever to hit the Yukon. Read more

Yukon Arts


June 12

Johnny Paladin says, “Have you ever been to Montana? Why is the sky so big there?” He’s trying to explain the allure of the Yukon; he keeps interrupting himself to talk about the air and the grandeur of the sky. Read more

Yukon Outside

Madelanne Rust D'Eye

Photo Credit: ADR

The body is mysterious; it is intricately linked to all that we do, and the ways we think. I’m a dancer; this is my perspective. And there are as many perspectives on the body as there are bodies Read more

Theatre - Dance


June 12

At the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick’s science-fiction classic, the audience is introduced to a group of apes at the exact moment when they transcend their ape-ness, and give birth to humanity. Read more



June 12 Issue

“I am obsessed by creating community connections through art, it’s kind of a disease,” confesses Yukon visual artist Marie-Hélène Comeau. Read more

Yukon Arts

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June 12

Photo by: Wes Larson, Whitehorse Read more

Living With Wildlife


June 12

In spring, while we wait for the snow to melt, we check on the chives to see if there will be enough for a taste. Once the snow is gone we keep an eye on the rhubarb. This year I was also watching for asparagus to return... Read more

Farm - Garden

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June 12 Issue

After 48 years together, one of Rick Karp’s favourite words for his wife, Joy, is “B’shert”, a Yiddish word for destiny, or soul mate. It certainly felt like kismet when they met on April 16, 1966. “Joy was having a party and needed a couple of e Read more

Yukon People


June 12

The Klondike Visitors’ Association (originally the Klondike Travel Bureau) pre-dates the formation of the Yukon’s Department of Tourism (originally the Yukon Tourist Bureau) by over a decade. Read more

Dawson City

“The Yukon is full of east coasters,” says Blake Rogers. “Every time you turn around you’re meeting someone from there, someone who has family there, or someone who wants to go there.” This was a driving force behind establishing the Yukon East Co Read more

Yukon Culture


June 12 Issue

Solstice is nearly upon us, which means the annual Sunstroke Music Festival is almost upon us, too. Read more

Yukon Music

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June 12

For anyone who finds themselves in Old Crow with time on their hands, I suggest strolling to The John Tizya Centre. It’s “downtown”, just off the banks of the Porcupine River. This quaint heritage center opened in 2008 after many years of planning, Read more

Old Crow