Issue 2014-07-10

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July 10 Issue

July 10th, 2014 - Issue #386

The Last Brass Ball

The Brass Knuckle Society plays its final gig.

Photo by Gary Bremner Photography


June 2014

Allan Benjamin, Old Crow, Yukon Read more

Old Crow

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July 10 Issue

You know who they are when you see them; they walk around festival grounds with dozens of colourful buttons pinned to them, smiles on their faces, pen and paper in hands, ready to turn your beer-tent-small-talk into a debate about sexualized assault. Read more

Yukon Education


July 10 Issue

My oldest daughter Hayley and I have spent her whole life in the outdoors together; we hunt geese, ducks, moose, and caribou. Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

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July 10 Issue

Looking for a book that fits into a backpack for a camping trip? Rachel and Ursula Westfall`s first self-published novella, Estella of Halftree Village, is such a book. At 89 pages, it’s an ideal summer read. Read more



July 10 Issue

It’s a rainy Sunday at the end of June; Ben Harper’s Fight for your Mind is playing loudly in Devon Yacura’s kitchen. The air smells like sweet porridge. Read more


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July 10 Issue

Whitehorse Spirit Riders 4-H club kicked off a summer riding season with a three-day riding clinic at the North Ridge Indoor Riding Arena. The focus of the clinic was fundamental riding levels and team building. Read more


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July 10 Issue

When Conrad Boyce wandered into the Palace Grand Theatre this June he experienced déjà vu. He was in the theatre for an evening performance of A Night at the Grand Opera House, 1899. Read more

Dawson City

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July 10 Issue

Here are the facts: 1. Theoren Fleury gave a keynote speech at the Adäka Cultural Festival on July 2. 2. Theoren Fleury was my favourite hockey player growing up; my hero. Read more

Yukon Active

For the second time in six years, Whitehorse is about to host many of the world’s best young softball players in the International Softball Federation’s Junior Men’s World Championship. Read more

Yukon Active


July 10 Issue

If it’s April and you’re hoping to hear Barbara Chamberlin perform, forget about it. “April is just a killer month,” she says. “I wouldn’t even try to play out that month. It would just be too hard for me.” Read more

Yukon People

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July 10 Issue

June is a quiet month on the farm. The gardens are nearly fully planted, and soon to have weeds, although the transplanting of perennials is sometimes still happening. Time is all the gardens need right now, along with sunshine and rain... Read more

Farm - Garden


July 10 Issue

“Garage sale-ing” describes the act of heading out on a Saturday morning, coffee and local classifieds in hand, to find the next steal-of-a-deal. Read more



July 10 Issue

On a Friday night last month, they performed in Dawson City’s no-frills Pit lounge. The next night, they entertained the black-tie set for two hours at the Commissioner’s Ball, then found a house party and kept playing until 5:30 the next morning. Read more

Yukon Music