Jeffery Mickelson

Jeffery Mickelson

Cutting Board Columnist Jeffery Mickelson, a professional Dawson City chef, wild food fanatic and "offal" good guy shares his passion for cooking with What's Up Yukon 

I had the house to myself this evening, so I thought I would indulge in a little smoked pork. I don't normally get that excited about loins, but in this case, the pig was young and insanely tender. The whole loin was only 2.5 pounds! Read more

With the sun out and the temperatures warming up significantly, you may find yourself having the urge to eat or cook outside. Time to dust those barbecues off and get at it. Read more

Although it may seem out of reach, making your own custom mustards at home is actually quite easy and very rewarding. Once I figured out proper proportions and technique, I've never bought grainy mustard from the store again. Read more

I recently resurrected my sourdough starter from the deep freeze. I throw it in there from time to time when I feel like starving it for an extended period of time, or if I feel like being unusually cruel to it. Read more

Chicken-fried caribou steaks might just be the best thing I've eaten in a long time. I've played around with a lot of different recipes and styles over the years, and have always been happy with the results. But on one fine winter day, Itopped them Read more

Few things in cooking are as important as the ingredients. The knowledge of how pantry items are prepared in factories, versus the old-world way of making them at home, is something I am constantly seeking. Read more

A gift of moose is great, but a dinner of moose is even better! I recently acquired a little stockpile of my old friend "Big Horn" and have been cooking up a storm. I've done open-face kimchi, mayo, shaved moose and cheddar broiled goodness, to clas Read more

If you haven't gone Outside, or have been talking to friends that just got back from Southeast Asia and are raving about all the great food they've been eating, do yourself a favor a Read more

Stoke the fire up high, strip down and have a cold Thai beef and cucumber salad, or keep it at a normal temp and make a hardy bison meatloaf glazed with cranberry ketchup and warm German potato salad. Read more

In Canada, as well as the States and all over Europe, this time of year the smells of cinnamon, molasses and ginger are overwhelming at times. Read more

During freeze up, pacing around the cabin is not uncommon. Oversupplying oneself with more food than even two people could eat is also a common rookie move. I was guilty of both. Read more

Have a little spot on your property not being used? Why not plant some berry shrubs? Read more

In the nettle patch, where most of the plants have gone to seed, we will soon see a new crop growing on the outer perimeter, ready for a second picking. Read more

Iknow, I know, you're all thinking I'm crazy, but after the rain, the underground "internet" of mycelium is incubating. Mushrooms are being born. Read more

I'm hungry, I'm kind of grumpy and I've slept well past breakfast. It's 3 pm. I feel waffle. But not for your average "L'eggo My Eggo" type waffle. I want crispy, light waffles, crispy fried chicken, birch syrup, whipped butter and icing sugar. Read more

With spring in full effect, the bears, birds and bees are buzzing and singing joyful songs. But if you listen closely to the songs, they're mainly about how desperate and frantic their search of food is. Read more

All over the world people are doing crazy things with meat and fire. I mentioned in my April 21 column that barbecue, as most of us know it, is more than what it seems. Read more

I'm loving the sun and weather this last couple of weeks. Suddenly I've been craving different foods, and my barbecues are now dusted off and ready for the season. Read more

As we all dig to the bottom of our winter food cache, we need to make room for the coming season's splendours. Read more

With a sourdough pancake recipe, by the time the coffee is ready, your griddle is hot and you're making breakfast in your sleep! Read more

It was novelist Lawrence Hill who told me while we sipped tea in the Downtown Hotel dining room in Dawson in March that his early career as a journalist taught him to embrace the adventure of his stories. The beauty of living in the North is the adv Read more

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