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Jicklings Jabberings column is written by Peter Jickling.

Peter was the Editorial Ninja for What's Up Yukon



Issue: 2015-07-16 PHOTO:

My favourite line from Forrest Gump comes near the end. Gump’s beloved Jenny has died and he stands over her grave: “Mama always said that dying is a part of life, but I sure wish it wasn’t,” he says. It’s not often quoted, but I like its honesty. Read more

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Issue: 2015-07-09 PHOTO: courtesy of What’s Up Yukon

I joined the What’s Up Yukon editorial team in late September 2012 and the first edition with my name on the masthead was issue #300, dated October 4, 2012. What followed were 33 months of continual employment, bringing me up to this issue, #436. Read more

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Issue: 2015-06-18 PHOTO: Peter Jickling

Last Friday I met with David Skelton, the artistic director of Nakai Theatre, and DD Kugler, a renowned Canadian dramaturge. A dramaturge, which is an unpleasant word, functions as an advisor to a playwright. Read more

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Issue: 2015-06-04 PHOTO: Peter Jickling

It’s funny how a change in geography can alter your perspective on something you’re well acquainted with. My places of residence within Whitehorse had always been above the Alaska Highway — first Hillcrest, then Granger. Read more

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Issue: 2015-05-28 PHOTO:

In early-1993 my mom took my sister and I to see Alive, a film about an Argentinian rugby team that must survive a plane crash in the Andes. But the film was rated R and I was 11, so my mom had to do some research. Read more

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Issue: 2015-05-14 PHOTO: Peter Jickling

The discs one uses in disc golf have certain innate properties that allow them to act in a reasonably predictable manner. For example, all else being equal, if a right-handed player tosses a backhand shot, the disc will start by going in the... Read more



Issue: 2015-05-07 PHOTO: Peter Jickling

When I was learning to drive, one required skill haunted my dreams. Leading up to my driver’s test in the summer of 1998 I would go down to the Qwanlin “Mall” parking lot, after hours, and set up pylons. Then I’d practice parallel parking... Read more

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Issue: 2015-04-30 PHOTO: Peter Jickling

On February 16 I picked up my roommate, Taylor Tiefenbach, from the Erik Nielsen International Airport. His flight was due to arrive at 3:05 p.m. and I was running late. Given this, I decided to park right in front of the terminal... Read more

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Issue: 2015-04-23 PHOTO: Peter Jickling

I got my MacBook Pro computer in the spring of 2010 and it has served me well for five Unknown Object​years. It has been with me through various drafts and productions of my play, Syphilis: A Love Story, and through my 30-month tenure with... Read more



Issue: 2015-04-16 PHOTO: Peter Jickling

Like those who attended the first Sex Pistols concert, I too like to take credit for discovering something revolutionary: the iceberg. In 1996, I attended Grade 9 at the now-defunct Christ the King Junior Secondary on Nisutlin Drive in Riverdale. Read more


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Issue: 2015-04-09

On September 20, 1993 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air aired episode one of season four. The show documented the comedic hijinks of Will Smith (played by Will Smith), a street-savvy kid from Philadelphia who went to live in a Los Angeles mansion... Read more

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The following story was my submission for the 1994 Yukon Young Authors’ Conference. There, I got to work with acclaimed Canadian playwright Guillermo Verdeccia, who first sparked my interest in dramatic writing. Read more

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Issue: 2015-03-19 PHOTO: Resolute - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

The last time the Calgary Flames made the Stanley Cup Playoffs was in the 2008-2009 season when they lost in the opening round to the Chicago Blackhawks. Between 2009 and the end of the 2013-2014 season the Flames followed an uninspiring downward... Read more

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Issue: 2015-03-12 PHOTO: Peter Jickling

In autumn 2009 I slipped on a frosty stair and broke my left humerus. Before the accident my left arm had an angle of 20°, meaning that when it was fully extended it reached 160° instead of the normal 180. Read more

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Issue: 2015-03-05 PHOTO:

In the wake of Boyhood’s lackluster haul at the recentlyheld Academy Awards — it won only one Oscar, despite six nominations — I’ve been thinking about the film’s writer/director Richard Linklater. Read more

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Issue: 2015-02-26 PHOTO: Brian Snelson, Wikipedia

Enzo Ferrari emerged from World War II with a bold plan to design and build automobiles under his own name. At first, he favoured the construction of racecars and had little interest building street-legal sports cars Read more

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Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: Peter Jickling

When I was a kid I rarely got mail. And when I did, it was usually a card from a relative or a note from a pen-pal. These letters came in packages of different shapes and sizes and would usually have an off-kilter, hand-written address Read more



Issue: 2015-02-05 Photo: Peter Jickling

Here’s my dilemma: it’s 9:30 on Thursday night and I need to “put the paper to bed” by the end of the night. Everything else in complete, except my Jabbering. Read more




When I arrived in New York City on December 19 and finally found my way to my room in the apartment I was subletting, I dropped my bags and investigated the habitat. I had been warned about the kitchen from the girl I was renting the room from (who i Read more

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I'm grateful for my Canadian citizenship. I'm grateful for the constant support of my family. I'm grateful for the serving staff at the Gold Rush. I'm grateful for my job and my co-workers. I'm grateful for the dogs in my life. Read more

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